What will win? TWTACCT, Project Phoenix (2003page) or RetroSite

  • Project Phoenix (2003page)
  • RetroSite

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i’d like to vote 2things

2003page shut down


He ment by https://2003tech.github.io/ProjectPheonix/

Can we stop with these stupid “anyone can commet to paeg on gethub retroo!!!” websites? They serve no purpose other than being annoying.

Can you stop complaining about this stuff?

Nah, I’m good. I’ll wait to hear a valid reason why they exist.


Nostalgia? for what? we’re like 12-15, what from the early 2000s did you remember? You can’t feel nostalgic about something you weren’t even alive to see.

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TWTACCT exists due to remembering some website which all PR’s were merged.

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OK, fair point.

What does TWTAACT stand for?

The Website That Anyone Can Commit To, (read Introducing The Website That Anyone Can Commit To for more details), also you made a mistake spelling TWTACCT

If anyone voted TWTACCT, revote now

@icanttellyou @parker_oilar

@ericzhang456 You also have to vote too

I created 2003page for the “retro theme” shit which gradually disappeared in late-2019/early-2020 until it didnt had the “retro theme” when Project Pheonix replaced 2003page.

Project Pheonix (which i’d agree, is a ripoff of TWTACCT but with parts recycled from 2003page) and TWTACCT doesnt even have the retro theme, only RetroSite has that theme.

even in the repo name?

come on

neither, they both suck ass, one has a hotheaded owner (2003page), and one doesn’t know what he’s doing (TWTACCT).