Introducing The Website That Anyone Can Commit To

A website where all pull requests that follow the guidelines are merged, this is not an another retro website revival project but a unique take on your typical GitHub Pages website. The link to it is and the link to the GitHub repo is


To prove that anyone can commit to TWTACCT someone will have to make a change or a commit to their fork and I will merge them in a reasonable amount of time.


So someone made a PR over night and in the morning I merged it.

That was me who did the cable companies suck thing, the photo was from another thread on here, i didnt take (as in make) the photo.

Yea I know.

I added a silly thing

just made a PR


updated the 404 page for no reason

and now a index change

add my idk.html to it please

I don’t see your PR’s

nvm i did.

made another PR


How cool is this website?

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Nice and Clean :smiley:
And I think if I can code html again and Pull-Request to your page later :slight_smile:

This is a neat idea :slight_smile:

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Yea it is.

We are 5 commits away from 100 commits.