What was your os (When you were a kid)


Had windows xp and later windows 7


Mine was windows XP. We had a buncha games in it.


Windows 98 - Windows ME - Windows XP PROFESSIONAL SP3


My first ever OS encounter might be with Vista, but the first OS that I used is XP.


Suse Linux with kde desktop mostly. :slight_smile:


Back then It’s was Windows XP SP2 or SP3, I use it.
And I use Internet Explorer back then, until I switched to Google Chrome.
Then my old PC running XP died, so I buy a new Computer this time running Windows 7.
and Tried to install XP to dual boot with 7 on new PC, It’s failed since I forgot .NET Framework and Internet Drivers so I have to Install Vista using My USB, then Windows 7 using UltraISO.

200x-2011/2012: Windows XP Professional SP2/SP3
2013-2018: Windows 7 Ultimate
late 2018: Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista then Windows 7 Enterprise (Second dual boot, 7 only)

  • Note that I broke my PC so I have to use USB and UltraISO to get it work.

2018/19 - Present: Windows 10 Pro (First Dual Boot)


A picture of me with my first OS in 2009.

(btw, the OS is Windows 98.)


Dang. Was it connected to the internet?


No, the things I usually did on it was Paint and some Solitaire or even Word.

(yes, I found Word funny when you mess up with it)


Well, I know how to get internet works, first Click Internet Connection Wizard > if you have MSN thing, Close and Remove it, if not, skip this MSN > Now Select Connect LAN or something Etc… and don’t use email account.
Done!, this was configured for IE5 on Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP(IE6 only)


My first PC was in 2007,i do not know os was installed but probaly windows xp.Then i was in grandma s house i used pc with winows xp ZVERDVD(russians know that word)


Windows XP on Acer Aspire 4920G :stuck_out_tongue:


XP Pro, idk what computer tho


Mine was Windows 98. Wow, looks like most of the people here started with WinXP




Win98 SE


my history started with an eMachines PC running XP MCE, then it became a Comaq running Vista, a 2008 MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.7, and then a Gateway DX running 8.1, with my most recent being an HP Pavilion running 10 as of now.

i do have a picture of the MacBook but not of any of the others. this picture was back in 2012 and i was 6 at the time. i don’t remember what i was doing but it was probably homeschool.



I actually got to know computers until high school, I started using MS-DOS / Windows 3.11 and later Windows 98 :sweat_smile:


Windows 98 SE :stuck_out_tongue: And i remember i hated it


Windows XP Professional SP3, installing loads, LOADS of bloatware, viruses, themes, and in the end, i locked it up by putting a garbage password

prime example: