What was your os (When you were a kid)


Sorrey for my bad englisj. What Os did you use when you were a kid? I think mine was Windows XP Sp2 Home

I had a laptop and a desktop with that
Laptop still working With Windows7 HomePremiwn
Pc died in 2016 with windows 8.1

Well we had the laptop in 2010 while the pc was from maybe from 2001


Umm… I don’t remember that version of XP existed. :stuck_out_tongue:


HomePremiun or Sp2 home?


That one.


it’s just called ‘‘Home’’
windows vista and 7 that have a ‘‘home premium’’ version
BTW the system i used when i was little is also XP Home :stuck_out_tongue:


My first system was also XP I think.


I remenber the retro look of google, css and youtube


XP(dont know what edition) of course


Mine was a old “family” computer running Windows XP Home. I don’t know which service pack but i made a list about the default songs because since SP2, Microsoft somehow decided to replace “Like Humans Do” with two different musics for Media Player 9.

Like Humans Do (Radio Edit) = RTM, SP1 or SP1a (Media Player 8)
Highway Blues = SP2 or SP3 (Media Player 9 and later)
Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo) = SP2 or SP3 (Media Player 9 and later)

Computer died sometime between 2011 and 2012 and was thrown away in the garbage.


oh boy i remenber that song, i have a nostalgia atack ever time i hear it, the good old days that i used to download random images from google and put them on movie maker


The OSs installed on my main computers:
Laptop, 2007-2008: Windows Vista Home Basic
Laptop, 2008-2009: Windows XP (not 100% sure of the edition, probably professional though)
Laptop, 2009: some Windows 7 mod (not for long, since I switched to a different laptop afterwards)
Laptop, 2009-2017 (though I became a teen in 2014): Windows 7 Home Premium
Desktop, 2010-2017: Windows 7 Ultimate


I had Windows 2000 and XP when i was a kid on a old Pentium 4 PC, i only was there for playing Sonic and others Flash games on different sites. (Who remembers Swords & Sandals? :stuck_out_tongue: )

I remember old Newgrounds, it was great.


Wait what?


I think they updated the hardware one time
P.S my parents didnt knew lol :stuck_out_tongue: it was one of my family menbers who repairs pc’s


Well… unless if you mean a computer from 2005 because PCs in 1995 wouldn’t work. unless if you mean the motherboard got changed with everything in it.


They only telled me they had 95 on it


When I bought my first computer (in 2009), it came preinstalled with Windows 7 (RTM) Starter.
Well, that computer was not very good, and some months later, it’s motherboard died.

My brother give his computer’ motherboard to my PC, and well, I installed Windows Ice XP mod, v. 3.0.1 Reloaded. I stayed with it few years, later I formatted it with Windows XP SP3 (without mods). I stayed with it until 2017, when I installed Windows 7 Home Premium, then I got my new PC (with Windows 10), and gave that old PC to my brother, this time with Lubuntu 17.10 :stuck_out_tongue:


windows xp


First one I remember was Windows XP on a dell computer (i downloaded a lot of shit lol), then i had an HP laptop with Windows 7 on it (i still have it but it’s unusable, power jack is fucked up on it lol)


Windows XP then it was reinstalled to Windows 7.