What is a good free video editor (heck maybe even something that doesnt cost much and ISNT A PLAN THING)

yep i wanna make better videos to never upload because im lazy

VideoPad =P

There’s a free version for DaVinci Studio, I used that to make better videos for a while,
I paid for it now, since I had the money, but yeah, the free version’s cool :V

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movie maker :stuck_out_tongue:


pirate vegas pro /s i guess for a cheap one vegas move studio?

Hitfilm Express

edit: free license serial key will be in you account section in the site

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hitfilm experss (thats how i spelled it in the title of a video i made once)

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hitfilm express sucks, all the effects need the PRO version.

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yea, theres like 1 effect on it atleast from what i saw

davinci resolve, It’s free!

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from the looks of it, it looks more like a app you’d use in post-production.

windows live movie maker :thinking:


or windows movie maker 2.6

Premiere Pro CS6 if you know where to look

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If you want a powerful editor that can be used professionally yet easy enough for more simple videos then Kdenlive is my favorite.

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this rat is right, kdenlive is good. for some reason the windows version runs like crap for me but the linux version is good

you mean pirating?

yeah lmao

I can’t believe that nobody here has said kdenlive… and it got a major update recently.

Kdenlive and OpenShot on Linux are decent options assuming you don’t need some of the more extensive effects. I personally couldn’t use them because my workflow relies on OBS a lot, and remuxing the videos to make separate audio streams is a pain.
DaVinci Resolve is a fantastic NLE, but there’s a major caveat with the free version - you can’t use H.264 encoded videos. You actually HAVE to pay for that. Handbrake is an option though if you can make a profile that will encode it to something Resolve will be happy with.
Lightworks is an idea but you have to be willing to use nodes, and if you have any familiarity with something like Sony Vegas, Lightworks will boggle the mind almost instantly.
Finally, Blender can be used for video editing, but given than Blender’s workflow is intended for 3D rendering, that can be very confusing if you don’t have experience with Blender.