What do you think started the minimalism trend and why is is it going strong?

For me, I’d blame Windows 8.X and IOS 7 for starting it, but I just can’t figure out why it has been so popular. Any ideas?

i blame Google Chrome, but tbh i like minimalism if done right

Seriously, its not like everything has to be eye searing (even if thats charming)
but at least a little bit of effort with some gradients and shines or whatnot would fix it up


Not just in web design as far as specific elements but this is a problem taking over the art world in general too - look at the advertisements for popular apps services or websites and see the humans of flat design
See how they are trying to be colorful and stuff but like
Its reserved, calculated, systemic colors
never something outrageous and fun
just something they very carefully chose upon looking at a color wheel in a weird half-2d like sense with the same proportions

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also how modern social medias have practically no customizable pages so they all blend in together (which i think has helped to make discourse even worse)


That’s because designers want consistency for users with Windows 8 or iOS 7

parts of windows 8 are still 3d (like the icons)

The desktop icons weren’t touched from 7.

I. Hate. Minimalism.
I hate it so fucking much I revived this post just to say this, I hate it and flat design to the point of insanity. It’s used so often, yet so boring, uninteresting, and bland. I love skeumorphism, and will stand by it till the end of time.

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