What do you like the most about WLM 2009?


In height of the upcoming support for WLM 2009 on Escargot, which has been long belated, I’d like to know everyone’s stance on what they like the most about WLM 2009, and if you want to, explain why you like them. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • UI Update to Wave 3
  • Animated Status Tiles
  • Animated Avatar Support
  • Dynamic Display Pictures (DDPs)
  • Circles/Groups
  • Built-in Photo Sharing
  • “What’s New”
  • MPoP (Multiple Points of Presence)
  • Integration with other Windows Live services
  • Scenes
  • All of the above

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did you live under a rock or something?


No. DDPs are display pictures that change on the event that a specific emoticon has been sent in an IM conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know what to choose, you could put an option that says “All”


Edited. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also noted to not edit polls :S)


mention a feature that’s existed since like… idk 7.x?

think it’s from lm 9


im very curius how you will make the contacts update stuff work again :stuck_out_tongue:


all of above :stuck_out_tongue:


If @valtron greenlights it, go through the effort of adding a social network-like section to Escargot primarily to support WLM 2009+. :stuck_out_tongue:


project codename: Ram Escargot Spaces 2.0 into Escargot itself much?


Personally, I didn’t like WLM 2009 and later. At that point, WLM was way too bloated, bigger and somewhat slow. :frowning: Not just another IM software, WLM was trying to do EVERYTHING. With changed branding, many utilities were bundled also.
Interface over WLM 8.1/8.5 is a nightmare! The soul of MSN coming from 2004 was lost… That awful interface resembling Metro, departure of our good status icons, and lots of mistakes…

Bloat and “new” interface meant that MSN was not simple anymore. At the time, with the rise of Facebook, many people started to leave and for a year or two later, we also left.