Voxsocial.ml is revived

I revived https://voxsocial.ml hoping that this time the script won’t go crazy. Please help me find bugs and stuff

Oh, so that’s the site i see when i “.wc” #bot-commands on MessengerGeek’s discord


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Why was it flagged?


lol you have ready social engine and you can’t make a website by yourself ok

Some person repeatedly flags my posts. I don’t know who.

I made some stuff made by myself and not only there

“some” :stuck_out_tongue:

Your forum wasnt made by you

This sentence feels more like a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

No really. You just installed a script made by someone else and u added nothing to it.

Ok. Let’s ask again. Why this post flagged??

Off topic who knows oog


And? Its no problem.

Ok im out. Srly? Offtopic a tech website?

Dont ask

“nothing” lol script,
it’s not a even script it’s a forum
software, if i knew PHP good i would write them myself and you are trying to make your “site” “better” then others. Not even happening :stuck_out_tongue:

no fucking one cares
you. can’t. fucking. programming. in any. language. uknow.
you can’t make own engine
u using oxwall

And? What if he uses an engine with custom scripts?