Using Messenger with Escargot on Windows XP, and avoiding the 80048821 error

If you really want to get WLM working on XP your better of using the posready trick since microsoft released a patch to add tls 1.2 and tls 1.1 support

Yeah, It’s randomly show 80048821 error because it’s doesn’t support properly.

i dont always get that error on xp

Yeah, for me it’s got error and sometime it’s working.


Apparantly IE8 says a certificate error. It appears that this message somehow blocks the passage of the escargot servers into my xp vm.

Thank god i use PROXHTTPSProxy and the POSReady trick so my ie8 is safe :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t POSready made for atms?

not only for ATMs but and for other non cunsumer uses.And NO the updates dont have ATM stuff infact it doesnt come with no atm software :stuck_out_tongue:

Try install this certificate (Not Virus, 100% no Virus, Working for me):
rootsupd201812.exe (575.5 KB)

It’s was made by one Japanese people on MSFN Forum. Known as BlackWingCat.
Then Enable Update Root Certificate on Windows features.
That Error message commonly is Escargot Use TLS 1.2 or newer.
And XP only support TLS 1.0, expect Vista support TLS 1.0 for Escargot server.

For MSN 4.7.2009, You can try Patching like MSN 5.0-6.2 so it will work.

welp,this is useless…
this is better How to update Roots Certs in Windows XP

But, it’s 1 Click it’s will install now.
Just open and it’s will complete in few seconds.

so,but this will give the latest certs from MS

POSready was made so a techincian could replace the explorer.exe gui with something else, like a ATM or something like that

wat nonsence is are you talking

It was a unfinished reply from a day ago… Also from looking at this screenshot.

Everything i said was fucking non-sense. Look at those security updates, they’re made for making XP more safer.

not like im dumb,already have it on my main xp pc anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay whatever.

Yeah, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Support ended.
Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 is only A LAST one that still receive updates from now.
POSReady 2009 will end soon in April.

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no one cares about Windows Embedded Standard 2009 anyways.