Using Messenger with Escargot on Windows XP, and avoiding the 80048821 error

i did that and messenger works now but i can’t sign in. it gets stuck on the spinning buddies in msn 5.0

That’s an issue on the server side

how do i get it working?

i have tls 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 on

i said it’s an issue on the server side, @OhHelloThereImTheGuy AFAIK fixed the issue, but it won’t be rolled out until @valtron does it

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For some reason, uh, IE7 (have’t got to install IE8 yet) states that there’s a security issue?


Enable Update root certificates in the add or remove Windows Components panel

error 404 in explorer normal?


if you get error 404, you should be able to connect to escargot.

same here

same here man

btw you can use msn messenger 7.5 without internet explorer 8 and posready updates

Ah yes, good ol’ IE6 with it’s lovely XP look and teribble engine

so why in windows 98-2000 with ie 6 msn messenger does not work but in xp version 6 is also used but in xp it works

Maybe because their TLS support is not so good =P


the way 98/2000/me handles tls, even if you disabled ssl and enabled tls, it will still most of the time send a connection over ssl, and since escargot uses tls, it wont be able to connect.

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the Patches with POSReady 2009 is for some reason Blocking my DVD drive. I’ve tried downloading Drivers for it but it wont reconise the device.

Can anyone help?

It also doesn’t help that the trick for this Escargot thing didn’t work…