Updated MSN 12 windows vista?


Hi this is for when the updated MSN 12 windows vista ?

Reviver will shortly be updated with installation support for Messenger 2012 on Windows Vista.


Here’s the deal right now. I had this working prior to when I mentioned it (and still do), and put the finishing touches on the release Saturday evening.

The reason why you don’t see it being offered for download yet is that I soon realized I made a major mistake. I had completely forgotten about the other Windows Live products (Windows Live Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Family Safety) and I was leaving these other applications broken.

That said, it will be a bit longer before this will be available as I can’t release software that knowingly will break your installation.

However, if you do not use any of the other Windows Live (Essentials 2011) products right now and you make sure to uninstall them first if they’re installed, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll give you a copy of the current “beta” version that will install Messenger 2012 on Vista.


Hello. I’m sorry for my English, but I’m French . if I understand your message, I come to ask the beta for Vista. please


hii i dont use this aplicattions i just need the wlm 2012 installed in vista please ill be very very tnksfull if you can send me this beta version


PLEASE give me the version that will let me use MSN 2K12 on WIN XP.
I don’t use anything else.


I always patient Vista me.


Why not just get rid of that piece of garbage called Vista.
And just install Windows 7, which is significantly lighter.


Oh look, yet another victim to the clever marketing of Microsoft.
Vista has been proven to be the same, if not superior to Windows 7 when it comes to speed in many areas, not only that but Vista has some really nice features that 7 is lacking. The GUI is nicer too, just look at the Vista personalization center compared to the new one. I could really go on like this, but I’d rather keep this as a comment, instead of an article explaining why Vista is a good OS.


My girlfriend windows vista and do not want to change .


Flying_Skippy : My girlfriend likes vista anyway. :smile:

I await the beta Windows Vista compatible .


Thanks for the news Jonathan, can’t wait to install the reviver Update for Windows Vista. Days are boring without my beloved WLM… me and my friends are counting on you :smile:


UP ??? :frowning: :frowning: beta version


No its not.

Infact Vista has allot of memory leaking issues, and it uses unessesary high amount of system resources.
Its nowhere near superior to Windows 7 at all.
I have no idea where you got that nonsense from.

Microsoft has abanddon Vista after 1 or 2 years, because of those issues, that they couldnt solve.
Vista is the worst Windows version ever created.
i agree that the desktop envoirement was good looking, but that was basicly the only good thing about it. “the looks”


I was able to sort out the upgrade issues I had mentioned earlier and so I decided to go with a normal release. However, I’m only going to provide the link on the forum until later today, so anyone following this thread will get it first.

Some quick important notes:

  • If you have other Windows Live products installed, they will be upgraded to their 2012 versions, Windows Live Mail, Photo Gallery/Movie Maker, Family Safety, Writer. All the applications should work, however exporting videos in Movie Maker will be broken.
  • Installation is slow. If you do have other Windows Live products installed but don’t use them, you might consider uninstalling them first as it will speed up the installation.
  • If you have not installed Internet Explorer 9, you may receive the message, “missing client HIP object” when Messenger first starts. This will only appear once. You can click OK on this error and ignore it.
  • If you are currently have Live Messenger 2009, make sure Windows Vista is up-to-date with both Service Pack 2 and the Platform Update installed (KB971644). The Platform Update is installed in the Optional section of Windows Update if you don’t have it already.

With that said, you can now download it!


Thank you very much I test this later ! thank you very much , you are our God.


jonathan you are our hero!! thanks you so much


Thanks Jonathan much apprciated :smiley:


yeah! My girlfriend tells you thank you . it works , keep it up it 's perfect you render services to-many world thank you for your speed and again sorry for my English .


I keep getting a wllogin_wlx-x86.msi error when I try to install it, am I doing something wrong?


Can you say Yes to the message presented and paste the log? My hunch is that somehow you’ve gotten a newer version of the Windows Live Login files.