Unlimited nudges


Yes i made this wix site, anywways u need to check out the tool that lets u send unlimited nudges :3

And yes i tried it and it works :3


why with wix


Iam not really the best at creating sites


Use Wordpress script installed on a Hosting (is really easy)


infinityfree.com for a free domain and hosting
and a WSYIWYG HTML editor or even WordPress


I’d recommend freenom.com :stuck_out_tongue:


Will try it :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen it before but it looks interesting, thank you for the advice! lulz


I prefer the NudgeToolScript for Messenger Plus! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats the tool :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, this is the Nudge Mania program, not NudgeToolScript script :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh ok , if u have a link for it send it to me and i will upload it for ppl to download


you dont need to do this , [Messenger Plus Script] NudgesToolsScript 1.2 for WLM 8.1/8.5 and 1.37 for WLM 2009 (1.37 doesn't work yet as WLM 2009 isn't revived yet, but might be helpful when it will be)


I will upload it incase someone need it and they are not in this forum or didnt know abt it :stuck_out_tongue:


well everthing is already uploaded so i dont think that you need to do this


Meh i want to upload everything there so yeah


I usse InfinityFree for my website http://www.andreso.cf, also isn’t InfinityFree.com but InfinityFree.net


usually i use 000webhost or GitHub Pages for website hosting, and i’m considering transitioning to 000webhost mainly due to Microsoft’s acquiring of GitHub.


r.i.p GitHub , microsoft gonna kill it


Yep it will be same with skype