[Messenger Plus Script] NudgesToolsScript 1.2 for WLM 8.1/8.5 and 1.37 for WLM 2009 (1.37 doesn't work yet as WLM 2009 isn't revived yet, but might be helpful when it will be)

-Send nudges to Appearing Offline Contacts
-Remove Nudge Delay (Send unlimited nudges)
-Send automatically nudges
-Send nudges even if you have unselected the option “allow me to send/receive nudges” (So you can’t receive nudges but you can send them)

How to Use this script:
-Enable or Disable it from Plus! menu

To send automatically nudges type in conversation:
(description from the old Messenger Plus website)

Script Created by TheGuruSupremacy

This might be annoying for some people and doesn’t have much of a use other than allowing unlimited nudges, but i am sharing it for history shakes

Download (1.2)

Download (1.37, not working yet due been a WLM 2009 only version)


CatMessenger already exists, so you don’t need Version 1.2 of that script.

a Bump cuz why not

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why? :frowning: