[Messenger Plus Script] NudgesToolsScript 1.2 for WLM 8.1/8.5 and 1.37 for WLM 2009 (1.37 doesn't work yet as WLM 2009 isn't revived yet, but might be helpful when it will be)


-Send nudges to Appearing Offline Contacts
-Remove Nudge Delay (Send unlimited nudges)
-Send automatically nudges
-Send nudges even if you have unselected the option “allow me to send/receive nudges” (So you can’t receive nudges but you can send them)

How to Use this script:
-Enable or Disable it from Plus! menu

To send automatically nudges type in conversation:
(description from the old Messenger Plus website)

Script Created by TheGuruSupremacy

This might be annoying for some people and doesn’t have much of a use other than allowing unlimited nudges, but i am sharing it for history shakes

Download (1.2)

Download (1.37, not working yet due been a WLM 2009 only version)

Unlimited nudges
Messenger Plus for WLM 2009 (Archived for convinience for when WLM 2009 finally works with Escargot)

CatMessenger already exists, so you don’t need Version 1.2 of that script.


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