TReKiE I have a question

Can Escargot :snail: revives MSN explorer or dail up or prinium ? Pls tell me if yes yaaaaaaa


Old thing booooiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

If no pls put that in the future pls

What premium? like what are you talking about

I mean msn prinium

Can it be revaved ???

i don’t know what premium features it haves


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Well thank you :pray: jk I hate you and my live :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Umm why? Why did you had to say this? Not good imo.

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Some of the conversation above really confuses me.

But anyway, in my personal opinion, I think this is a good example of software that might be worth re-creating, as opposed to reviving. I say that because MSN Explorer is essentially an IE-based browser, and as the web has changed, so has the experience within it.

The specific browser parts, like the “Good morning [name]!” when you sign in, or the flying mail animation when you send e-mail, can easily be reproduced within a new Chromium-based control (like the new Microsoft WebView2) and with better results.

I have to agree with that.

Also IE is dead and ofc we’ll need chromium instead. I am not an expert in programing but I have experience in graphical design and I may help with that. Like, let’s make our own version instead of reviving it as it was (mostly) a failure.

lol chromium
firefox gang

Yeah Firefox works too (forgot to mention it).