This is what happens to me when I try to run WLM 8.5 in Chrome OS(With crossover/wine)

Problem description:
I can’t put my email at the email box, because when I try, nothing writes in the box, and that doesn’t let me enter my Windows Live ID
Error code/error message:

What has been tried so far:
To connect in Chrome OS Using wine to use WLM 8.5
Messenger version:
WLM 8.5
Windows version:
Chrome OS Build 83.0.4103.77(official Build) (64 Bits)(enhanced with Wine/crossover)

Yes, you’ll probably say: That happens because you didn’t write anything in the boxes…

What my answer is: You should improve your reading comprehension, because I clearly said that I writed my e-mail and password and it doesn’t seems to be working.

I had the same problem in ReactOS.

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And what did you do to solution the problem ?

Couldnt find any help with it. but i dont use reactos as a main anyway. Might be a problem with wine, but i remember that version of wlm working on wine under linux (not chrome os)

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The same happened to me on Debian. I couldn’t find a solution.

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Try to install older version of msn

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I’ll try in a few minutes and I’ll tell you what did happened.

Same problem when using CrossOver (Wine) on MacOS Catalina
it might be a font problem. Some WineTricks should fix the problem.
(I had discussion about it on Escargot Discord server)

It did not work

Watch this topic: TUTORIAL: [Linux] Windows Live Messenger Installation on Debian Linux with Youtube video

I tried this with Wine on Mac a while back, and all versions of MSN which open a diferent window to log in did work with Wine for me.

for that problem you have to install riched20.dll and riched30.dll and Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 in Winetricks in the part where it says select the default Wineprefix and then to where it says Install a Windows DLL or component and already there you have to first look for those programs and then having looked for them it installs those programs along with the flash player