The Windows Live Messenger 2011 Reborn Project (TWLMRP) (DISCONTINUED)

Hi Guys :slight_smile: Im so happy to tell you something!!
Im created yester day a project called TWLMRP.
This project is basically “recreates” the whole wlm 2011 interface + login system.

The Helpers for my project:
Graphics Creator : Northicc - He is very good and proffesional :slight_smile:
Coding Helper for Visual Basic 2010 - No people jet. (When anyone knows a good programmer for vb 2010, then please contact me under discord @patrik )

The Project is still alpha, and under developement, but its better and better :slight_smile:

Some “Spoiler Images of the alpha Release”

You want to join to the TWLMRP Community on Discord?
Then click on this ! :


What windows operating systems will be supported?

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The last time something like this was made, it was poorly received and ended up dying in a month.

Also, use at least Visual Studio 2017 Community instead of a discontinued version of Visual Basic.

Is there any server functionality or is this just for show?

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was young when i did this project, didn’t know anything about visual studio, php, ect…
don’t compare it to this lol


What’s the damn 4 digits?

I doubt this project will last past a month or two.

Uhm sorry, but for me visual basic 2010 is easier then the newer ones.

visual basic 2010 is discontinued dude.

get the lastest version of visual studio community

VSC has more features than this 10-year-old junk.

Yeah, but the newer has got harder coding to me :frowning:

when i downloaded it, it said virus detected. patrik why did you had to give me a virus?

it’s just poorly written code,

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  1. people don’t always like newer software
  2. newer versions of visual studio are bloated as hell

fun fact: false positives exist.

it’s a virus.

Scan it in


no-I already checked on vm BUT the virus has VM protection

At least help him man you are criticizing him so much. If he uses VB 2010 then let him And it is not an actual virus.

It is not. Because someone helped him and patrick is the owner of the Project and that doesn’t mean that it is a virus.


  1. Its not a virus, the others sayed right. When you dont believe it, it’s not my problem.

  2. Yes it’s a poorly written code a bit, because I must learn programming a bit. I’m still a kid.:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

fun fact: false positives exist. i seriously need to repost this?