AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)

Hi I work on a project since 2 days

This is a new chat app like WLM(Windows Live Messenger)

There is designer? For design logo, icon and status?

If you want to make a concept you can I wait for your proposals

I will make a design and you tell me if it’s cool or not

Bye :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh boy cant wait to get my hopes up for a custom chat client that will die in 2 months because we’re all too lazy to develop anything


I’ve been working on CatMessenger Reborn for @WindowsXPCat2008 for several months now, but it took that long due to other things I had to tend to in my life and because VB.NET isn’t really my strong suit. Nonetheless, I’ve been rewriting the server/client socket portion of the program to make management of those processes easier and to better reflect my skills in that area. Right now I’m just writing the server portion so that the client portion can be tested afterwards.

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Oh,okay i use its really hard to code ? and how i can create a chat server ?

i have made this with photoshop and powerpoint design of CatSpeak its cool ?

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No ! Its not will die in 2 months because i work and im not ‘‘too lazy’’ for code it

Ad banner of CatSpeak banner

yea, because I use it and I don’t finish code or what an I wanna know if it’s really hard to code on vb. Net

Switch to C++ or C# for best

Oh okay thanks you I will switch!

also if you’re going to do a concept use an actuall WinForm rather than powerpoint or photoshop

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do you know any programming language?

VB.NET (for mini propgrams, or for newbies) , C# , C++ , Python , Java , F#

How Can I Download CatSpeak?

its not finished

Ok When Will It Be Done. I Would Love To Download It Because It Looks Like WLM 2009. Do You Use Your WLM Account When You Login?

No no , you have to create a account on the web site (not finished too)

And it will be done in months

Ok Thanks