The third MessengerGeek Discord - Smaller but Better


The first ever MessengerGeek Discord got deleted for some bizarre reason.

The second one was doing fine, but due to poor moderation, got flack and extreme backlash. Some that wasn’t even deserved.

Now where to go for another MessengerGeek Discord server?

I think I may be able to assist…

Originally owned under @Megadeth58’s wing, this MessengerGeek Discord was handed over to me since he didn’t want to operate a server anymore, and I’ve polished it up enough for public release.

Pretty much the same as the other two, but this time:

  • Rules are more clear

  • A bit more tied in with MessengerGeek and Escargot

  • @TReKiE will be there, as always, and have his own channel this time. :>

So what are you waiting for? Join! :smile:


how many of these things have we made




lets count em:
1: megadeth
2: appledoo
3: megadeth 2
4: my unused revival
5: some other persons
6: this


Technically, #6 is #3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whose, and where? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, i remember watching a lot of Discord MessengerGeek servers




not for some bizarre reason, it’s because megadeth, yellows and kian were spamming clubland extreme and since mega didnt want to clean the shit up he deleted the server




That’s what she said