Escargot's MSN Text Ad Contest

The MSN Text Ad contest is an Escargot contest hosted by me, and I think it’ll be a fun time for everyone. During the duration of this contest, you can suggest a text ad for a service or program or project, related to Escargot and its MSN frontend or otherwise, by posting a reply to this thread (or alternatively, if you’re on my MessengerGeek Discord, post to the #text-ad-suggestions channel). Just provide a caption and a corresponding link for the place you want to advertise, and you’ll be good to go. There are no limits to the text ad ideas you can post. In fact, the more the merrier. :slight_smile:

This contest will end on April 13th at 9:00 AM EST, and then me, @valtron, and @TReKiE will evaluate the text ad suggestions and see which ones will make the final cut. The ads that are chosen will then appear as actual text ads on MSN under a conversation window, most likely when the next server update is deployed, but they can possibly be public at any time.

The only rules for this contest are:

  • The ads have to be related to Escargot-related services and projects, or just any project that feels suitable to Escargot for you
  • They can’t be suggested for the purpose of monetary gain
  • The ads can’t be about anything NSFW or illegal.

After the contest, you can still suggest ideas for text ads, but whether those will be looked into will be on a sporadic basis. This can be the chance your project or a project you like will be shown in thousands of MSN conversation windows by many people. This is an opportunity you really don’t want to miss. :smiley:


posted it on discord already but eh here it is

eper98Today at 7:36 AM

am i late?
well this would be mine

there is some website made by someone named eper98:

Love the Nostalgia of Windows XP?
“Yes you can”

3 days until the contest ends! Results will be released soon after the end date. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Contest over! Results will come in soon…

Results have been compiled and evaluated with valtron and TReKiE. The people who made it to the finalists are:

Their ads will appear as MSN text ads by the time the next server update for Escargot is released. I enjoyed hosting this contest as much as evaluating the results with the other two “judges” and as much as everyone else put out their ad for everyone else to see. I might plan to do this in the future, so keep an eye out. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yey. Thanks for choosing my ad! This will make Winworld even more popular!

Its possible to add ads later too? :stuck_out_tongue: for ex. in summer? :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, thanks for picking me
i posted that because i didn’t had other ideas except that

Ayy, nice. Glad that 3 of my ads managed to make it. (btw I’m a he)

Cool im always not selected in these contests :stuck_out_tongue: because i suck at everything !!!

it’s a shame that my ads are removed, because I use A-Patch

Self confidence isn’t your strong suit, is it?

thanks lol