The old internet

and for just shits and giggles, there’s aussie ten TEN Home

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Using Msn messenger on 2005 or 2007


wrong. if it was the Australian TV station, then the URL would have been

Posted April 18th 2006.

Posted June 17th 2006.

Posted June 16th 2006.

Did anybody had this Xbox 360 model? I did though, but sadly, it red-ringed on me, I even had the black version known as the “Xbox 360 Elite”

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Right now with you can go to any archved web pages, but what you cant do is type say into the address bar and have it retrieve from 1996. Of course it wouldn’t, it will return from current day. By using a browser proxy, you can accomplish this. Any address you type into the address bar will return a website form the archive instead of a live, present day website.

Browser proxies were used back in the day in schools and institutions so that people accessing the internet would get a local, cached copy instead of retrieving the site from the internet directly. Theoldnet’s implimentation of a browser proxy makes use of this feature.

To begin

Grab your browser of choice, if you do not have one a great option is RetroZilla which you can get here

These steps are pretty universal for all Mozilla / Netscape browsers

Step 1 In Proxy Settings add the host of and the port of 1996

Step 2 Add to the No Proxy for list.

Adding is required so that binary file downloads will work. Things like images and zip files.

For Internet Explorer follow these steps:

To access The Old Net Search Engine through the proxy simply visit!

Advanced Settings

The proxy has a default starting year of 1996 and a default starting month of the current month. This means all search results will be the closest match to the current month, in 1996. This may end up being a site from 1998, or 2001, it all depends on what data is available.

If you wish you can choose a different default starting year by changing which port you connect to.

The valid ports/years are: 1996 - 2012

So this confirms that the early 2010s are old internet?