The best video editor for really old PCs (and works with Windows XP)

Well, for YouTubers that has a really old PC, VideoPad is the best video editor.

This is My PC:

Well, Videopad is a video editor what uses ONLY 26MB OF HARD DRIVE!!

Videopad has really great tools, and it’s compatible with Windows XP, download it here:

I use it and i love it, it’s really easy to use, it’s more easy than Sony Vegas and Camtasia Studio, here some Serial Key Licenses for Videopad Professional:




If anyone wants to talk with me, contact me via MSN Messenger: I’m available all the day!

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Wow… No offense, but… Is that really your MAIN PC???

PS: Thanks for the serial keys :slight_smile:

Yes, i’m Venezuelan (T_T)

Here use this

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry for reviving it but this Vid editor is very good!!! Thanks Andreso! :smile:

3.89 is the best version.

download link please to 3.89 cuz i cant find it :stuck_out_tongue: