I made a classic version of escargot msn server website





you used to revive alot of posts :stuck_out_tongue: and now you are angry because someone is reviving a post

Like how many?

idk , 10 maybe or 7 , or maybe 5 , well IDK

i just know that is more than 4 ( or 5 )

Like ik that i revived a video pad editor thread but i said sorry for reviving the post

oh , i never knew that you revived this , well , *6

give me the list of revived threads

why i need to lost my time with this :unamused:

Oh and btw i said sorry for reviving the thread in the video pad thread so yeah dont count it

i dind even know that you revived that treath :stuck_out_tongue:

if i said sorry for murdering someone did i still kill a man

Hmmm @Jarhead_Gamer38 revived lots of threads so yeah

iam not talking about he , and yes you :unamused:, a n y w a y

Wow this war is useless


how is this thread still open