I made a classic version of escargot msn server website

Ok this is made in html.It’s for older version of windows like Windows 95,NT,98,2000,ME,XP(ie6 and ie8 and maybe more :yum:

it’s final,but needs some things to fix :stuck_out_tongue:


So it should be?

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It has color

I messed up :blush:

Final.zip (11.9 KB)

it just red

Regarding “Classic” I thought it was the MSN Classic design (2000-2001) not a single color page style '95

The page is designed for older browser like ie6

looks like a ie4 page

Yes that’s what i made

https://oldmsncentral.neocities.org/ an old working MSN home page

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doesn’t even load in ie 3

I know

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Most of this is a copy of @valtron’s original code. Also it hurts to look at and is broken.


You always say stupid things it’s an old style dude

You try to be nostalgic but you fail at it.



Because your webpage is the same as the normal one, except the background color is changed. I wouldn’t call that “nostalgic” but “failed attempt to be nostalgic”

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