The AIM Client that comes with Netscape 7.1 and Older (should) Work!

So as an experiment I tried connecting to @Wildman_Fujiami’s AIM server using the included AIM client that comes with Netscape 7.1. I was able to sign in and talk to friends! I will provide a screenshot below.

File Transfers (needs to be retested!)
Everyone will appear offline when they actually are online (sometimes)
(I have not found any other bugs.)
If you want to try this, finding a Netscape 7.1 installer will be hard. I will provide a link when I find one.
UPDATE: I tested 7.0 and it works too!
-WindowsXPCat2008 :cat2:


Perhaps it either uses an alternate SNAC service for buddy list specifications (a la AIM 6 eh?) or it’s expects different TLVs.

i tested this in netscape 6 and it worked fine , people appeared online

It should work on any version of Netscape with an AIM client included as long as the client doesn’t require http auth.


Netscape 7.1 aim will work actually cuz its on top of the aim 5x