Netscape instant messenger!

Well it looks like maybe the server will have an update?

now i just have to wait the server

you installed!

in my main pc , yes

I have it too!

Wait a sec? But you have windows 10 right?

i have Windows 7 Ultimate ( and ubuntu :stuck_out_tongue: )


Just wondering does the AIM server works with the Old Yahoo messenger?

is the aim server down? i can’t connect

Actually, yes it is. It even says so on the site.

I didn’t even know that status thing existed! lul is blind

and the server is still down

its working

OH BOY , now i dont need AIM 5.9 anymore

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What is your Screen name lets chat!!!



uhhhhh i use netscape 6.0

I already covered this The AIM Client that comes with Netscape 7.1 and Older (should) Work!