Steam will stop supporting Windows XP


also windows 98 is unstable as hell , so dont use it as a argument ( WINDOWS NT 4 IS BETTER )


wait … is this considered a flame war ? this topic is about steam/windowsxp and we are talking about windows 10 …


also to mention the forced microsoft account integration (ik you can make local accounts but the other 100,000+ people like you forget that it still asks you to sign in for some microsoft apps you use) and the annoying constant microsoft popups, unnecessary features, bad built-in browser, desktop-unfriendly login screen, and many other issues.
it’s a shame how people like you still look at windows 10 with rose-colored glasses and think it’s a great operating system while you look over the reasons why it’s bad and why other people think the same.

good god you make me sad

also maybe don’t use retarded loosely

also windows 9x isn’t all unstable, you’re only thinking of windows ME and since everyone’s made a mockery of it you put it down for the sake of putting it down

also yes


interesing , all this is present in windows 7 ( not the desktop-unfriendly part , i agree with that )

windows 10 is a stable os THAT WORKS , so its not a poblem liking it

you already used windows 95 ? windows 98 FE ? also iam not thinking about windows me


windows aero?

i was referring to windows 98 SE, not FE.


internet explorer 8 is the worst version of IE ( windows 10 also come with internet explorer 11 that is great )
windows aero is not a feature
SE is not so stable like windows nt



also @TReKiE take these posts out mate pls thanksksksks


windows aero is just a transparency in the windows and the task bar (also the start menu ) , I do not consider this a feature


it wasn’t introduced until windows vista, and it improves upon the basic themes, so yes it is a feature.


… whatever , you already used windows 10 spring update ? you look that only used the RTM


yeah , everyone know that ( windows longhorn have this feature but its a beta so MEH )


i’ve used windows 10 up until the fall creator’s update since my current PC came with it. i was put off by it by features mentioned previously so i went to 8.1, then went to 7.


oh … i forgot that …update existed …


so your point to say that windows 10 sucks to all the internet is that you dont like the features … because windows 10 is stable and have a great app support


Windows 10 was shit in RTM version (as any Windows RTM version, even Windows XP RTM was hated to end) but in recent versions of Windows 10 that aren’t RTM, are very fast, stable, compatible and well working in general


also , “Windows Aero” also know as Aero Peek, is a DESIGN LANGUAGE , not a feature


It seems that .NET 4.5 was released two years before XP’s EOL. I find it odd that Microsoft wouldn’t even have implemented unadvertised XP support for it. Guess they were preparing people to “migrate” to the latest OS, which is unnecessarily scummy, considering that asynchronous functionality isn’t impossible on XP, since its most likely software-based.

To add on, one single version of the .NET Framework being the main reason people should force themselves to upgrade to the latest and greatest OS is just plain stupid.


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Just so you know, I don’t actually care that they’re doing this. It’s not keylogging, but I feel it’s definitely on the shadier side.

Interestingly enough, they now have an “offline account” button when you set up Windows. I remember having to click “new account” before being able to make one, so that’s a welcome change.

However, you’re right - some built-in apps do require you to sign in to a Microsoft account. That doesn’t mean you have to convert to a Microsoft account, though, since there’s a “sign in for this app only” button.

In addition, one of the good things about Windows is that you have numerous 3rd-party alternatives to anything you can imagine.

This is subjective.

Edge isn’t that bad… I’m salty about the lack of support for animated SVGs, though. Turns out I need to do more Edge testing.

In what way? The login screen is as desktop-friendly as Windows 7’s.

Well, it’s stable enough.

They probably changed some things internally that broke XP support. My guess is that they started to use new APIs that just simply don’t exist on XP.


i still wont move from windows 7 mainly cause im fucking lazy and i just like it more