Steam will stop supporting Windows XP


Ok, I think this is the perfect time to stop.


you will burn yourself just get away from this post otherwise you will get third grade burns all over your skin from this flame war

leave it to the profeshionowls


You do you, then.

If I remember correctly, Microsoft dropped support for Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 in SQL Server 2016. I guess they’re already starting to phase it out…

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Emmm… I will not leave that easily.


If you put it that way, I guess the XP incompatibility makes more sense. :stuck_out_tongue:



Damn, this topic got a big turn.


It makes more sense if you think in terms of XAML/WPF. Microsoft has been pushing people towards WPF instead of Windows Forms for years, and I guess that’s when they started to modernize the codebase.

If you think about it even further, .NET 4.5 came out basically with Windows 8, which is the first MS OS to feature UWP, albeit a very primitive version. I’m going to make a loose connection and just say that UWP and WPF are similar because of them both using XAML (even if they are rather different).


i’m in for UWP if it means Xbox development.


Still working after january 1st :smiley:


oh boy i totally forgot this thread existed


Have you tried downloading a game? It didn’t work for me.