Sorry for what i did

Before reporting read it first, it’s just a sorry message omg

Hi guys!

I’m sorry for lying about messenger reviver in 2018, i was a 8 year old kid, in 3 or 4 months i will make 10, and i’m sorry and i mean SORRY for the bad thing i made in 2018, i was a bad kid, now i know that lie is bad, here is a basic message i made for you guys

“I have to change my mind and decide on forgiveness.”

  • Pedrox
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wait no, a thinking :floobby:

hello? someone?

I doubt you changed by begging someone to reply to your thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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People learn from their mistakes, my biggest mistake was trying to use my talking style on a website where they don’t like it. Or even a bigger one was liking object shows (that was a very big mistake)

Wow. I appreciate this. If you Will be a normal kid, then welcome back. :slight_smile:

we’ll see, im unbanning you on the discord, but im doubting on you

“ree object show bad” let people have their interests you fuckwad