Sometimes i feel like leaving this forum

and it’s because of shit like this that makes me want to shoot my eyes and eat my hands


sad, but we need to deal with this everyday so eh…

Yes, people like me need to deal with the copious amount of misinformation regarding Escargot or MSN Messenger a good portion of active forum users dish out to people looking for help regarding those topics that haven’t educated themselves with them a lot, and this mostly affects new users who join simply for technical support. Also not mentioning the amount of zero substance “raw and random” or drama threads complaining about stupid things (yes that includes Pedrox/Mine master/Azeem/whatever new troll or kid that will become the next scapegoat soon), and people that engage in those going to great lengths to justify their forum-wrecking behavior, usually in a very disrespectful attitude. I definitely have to take care of all that nonsense because according to you that’s just how MessengerGeek works.

And people are wondering why I’m on the verge on leaving. :expressionless:


God help us…

Epictaco is a hypocrite, He always necrobumps, then he complains about other people necrobumping.

I’m not really planning for quitting this forum, as Vlare recently locked their community to a select people. Which means the only other community i have left is the Wubbzy community.

Edit: I’ve considered quitting.

literally the moment someone makes a “add me” thread, they get bombarded with the like, 3 year old topic

honestly, i don’t mind those threads and honestly it gives the OP more attention thus more people can discover contacts

but instead of adding those people, most if not everyone just bombard them with the 3 year old topic, it’s getting old already

i also feel this forum is somewhat losing it’s focus and the community isn’t the same at all as it was, 2 to 4 years ago. Everyone just complains about bumps but can’t ignore them


I agree with you OhHelloThereImTheGuy, this is getting annoying every time, i’m trying to be most neutral as possible and avoiding drama

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i agree, but instead of ‘‘it’s losing it’s focus’’, i think it already lost it entirely


The community was fine and all years ago, then the MessengerKids started appearing, and then made useless crap on the forum and too many childish arguments which then semi-ruined the forum, I’ll still stay until a new wave of little kids appear (hope it’s not after WLM '09/Yahoo 5 release)

first of all, please stop using ‘‘kids’’ as the problem for everything, we know very well they aren’t

correction, people overreacted everything and started wars which ruined the forum


So i call them “MessengerGeekers” and then too much confusion happens since there’s mature and childish MessengerGeekers?

you call they nothing, simple as that, why exactly you need to give them nicknames anyway?
also you seem to forget you count as a Kid, so you’re basically saying it’s your fault too lol


Okay, we are “kids”. We are a part of the “kids” who are trying to help forum and Discord.

Do i littearly have to say their names and accidently bring them here which will just cause more crappy arguements to happen to the forum?

I’m not willing to just mention kids just to get a pissed off reply from Kirk.

ins’t this entire thread a argument? smh, and no i didn’t mean that

Can you not, please? You always do this, mentioning names of people you don’t like for some reason. It’s like you have some deep hatred of me just because I’m annoyed by your mannerisms.

See? You did a pissed off reply.

I have every right to be. This isn’t about you mentioning “kids” as the root of every single problem you point out. This is about you wanting to make baseless assumptions about what’s going to happen and dragging random names into it (in this case, me). This isn’t the first time you’ve done this sort of thing, and I anticipate this won’t be the last. Just stop trying to start arguments for no reason and I won’t have to be mad at you. Simple.

wow, you are really tired of my presence on this forum, aren’t you

…I have a strong feeling you’re not actually listening to what I say and simply injecting your own paranoia in place of it.