Some progress regarding games

Ok, I found out how to make the app directory menu and how to make the app directory server.

Games starts but, for now, there is an ActiveX problem preventing them to execute so, for now, they are useless.

Please don’t ask how I did that: it will be released when it will be working.


Oh very good! Thank you for keeping us notified about this. it’s appreciated at all times. :heart:


Created a test app to test all the JavaScript APIs and everything works!


ActiveX also works now like the one from the File Sharing app.


And now, the Tic Tac Toe Classic!


Great progress tristan! thank you very much :slight_smile:


We just played the first ever Tic Tac Toe game session with Matheus Rick from Brazil on Escargot! For the sake of history, this was a draw Brazil - France : 0-0 :smile:

For now, it’s not available for everyone but it will soon be.

I was not able to make the old MSN games working because they lack a lot of files (not everything was saved unfortunately). But, creating games is really easy… you just need HTML/CSS/JS. And, nowadays, with this 3 languages, you can do basicaly everything.


True, that was a great achievement, having games working again. :smiley:

We can also have many other different applications using this feature.


Escargot is evolving fast, I can not wait to use it again!

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This is really exciting! For creating games is any server-side scripting required, like php, asp or node? Or does it work by syncing the contents of a web browser with both players?

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Games are just an Internet page. Just HTML, CSS and Javascript No need of PHP/Node/ASP. Of course, you can use them but the communication with messenger is with Javascript. You can probably also uses VBScript or code an ActiveX but the easiest is to use JavaScript.

It’s simple, on each app, you send data to the other app with a function SendData and you receive data from the other app with a function Channel_OnDataReceived.

The documentation is still on Internet: Microsoft 365 documentation | Microsoft Learn

You can easily code an app and test it (just need two accounts): Microsoft 365 documentation | Microsoft Learn

You can download the files for the Tic Tac Toe: Tic_Tac_Toe_Classic_(10331358).zip (1.5 MB)

You can use jQuery 1.12 which is the last version to work with IE 7.

If you use the JK pacth ( Fixing Messenger's tabs to use the latest version of IE ), I think the version of IE will be different than 7 for games also.


Great job with the work on the games @tristanleboss :heart_exclamation:


we may now need an “Escargot: Activities & Games” Or Something at this rate!
PS: File Sharing Goes in the “Activities” Tab.

Yes, you’re right, I corrected that on my version after doing the screenshot. On 7.x, it will be in the Activities tab.

In 6.x, there is just one tab, so it will be in it with the games.

Some damages (missing pictures and missing texts) but they can be corrected.

Unfortunately, it will probably be the only MSN Games that I can recover.The other ones had been poorly saved on WayBack Archive.


open F12 and find out what the images are called, that may help to identfiy what it used to say.

missing js files is the reason why so many parts of games are broke, no one knows the orignal code…

Actually, the MSN Games were JS for messenger <> game communication logic + Flash file for UI + ActiveX for game logic + XML files for text (for multilanguage).

For Reversi, I have all of them (except the XML files but decompiling the flash file gave me the XML reading code so I found their structure). But for Checkers, I don’t have the JS file for example… for MineSweeper, I lack the Flashfile…

JS used for commands like “SendIM”?, it can be used for making entire games!, wow what a waste of a good (but frustrating) language.
“XML files for text”, well, thats microsoft’s way of saying “for text, you use OUR file format.”
ActiveX is just microsoft’s way of saying “hey develop in this language because we want u to develop in our formats”
.swf’s for UI… Well i was expecting 30 or so image files…

also just a standalone swf can make most of the game, while leaving messenger command to some JS file or something