Some collabvm thing that is for some reason being easily searchable on google so I'm overwriting this title because it has been solved already

CollabVM is hiding a secret from you, they are an illegal site that lets people bully good people. We need to make a petition to shutdown this entire site down.

CollabVM is an bad site that is made for bad people. Their entire Discord is also banned too. The moderators and admins are actually “not caring about the rules” and just ban people for no entire reason needed.

The reason people use this site is to bully and get them doxxed. The internet needs safety and this needs to spread everywhere online. CollabVM isn’t that pouplar yet, but please do not use the site. There are lots of abusers, people who do not read the rules, and sometimes cringey, absurd, naughty, people.

This site is “NOT” a good site. We need actual good moderators, actual good admins, who care about the rules.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget they also hate the YouTuber named Enderman, and call him gay. The admins don’t even care about the users who try to have fun. Please report this everywhere online, try to get this all everywhere on the forums, news, and social media.

Again, I repeat the site is not safe. Do not use CollabVM.

Also if you’re confused about being this my first post, I’m just spreading things that are true, and my next post will be normal soon.

I hope you guys readed this carefully, and take care and report CollabVM to Google.

UPDATE: Recently I’ve found where the video of CollabVM was usally used in. Siam Alam’s video is the first one who has a video on CollabVM, meaning that this is what lead to forkies and fags to the site.

Here is a link to the video.

The video is about Hermes 2.1, paying for a decryptor. This is the first video of CollabVM in existence. The CollabVM link was actually made all the way back in 2015.

This video is from 2020, meaning that this is 5 years later to be actually seen by people.

Here’s all we need to know:
Site was in 2015, meaning that it is very old.
People are toxic and horrible on that site.
Not safe for a kid or even a child.

Here’s all we need to do:
Report them using Google’s Safety, and Microsoft’s SmartScreen.
Shutdown their Reddit and Discord.
Warn about people of about the site.


It’s been a while. This will be locked soon.


Oh yeah, and I also forgot to tell one thing.

Admins can take your IP and probably put it on the Dark Web.

Wow, I didn’t know they are worse than that. I used to go to that website 2 years ago (in July 2021), mainly because I wanted to use virtual machines online, but stopped 2 months later that year, mainly because they are bullying good people, and because of abusers, and the other reasons you mentioned. This is the first time I hear about that “they hate YouTuber named Enderman and call him gay” part. Either way, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks CollabVM is a trash site. Thanks for the warning.

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Not only that, Enderman has an on going strike on his channel which means the moderators and admins might be happy from that news about the strike happening on him.

Also, they also block his site, which is very confusing.

I also hosted an CollabVM server long ago, only to realise that admins can actually take your IP.

That’s why you need to actually be super careful when using the site.

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Still haven’t heard news about the ongoing strike tho.

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I recommend you use software like VMware, or VirtualBox because they are good software to use VMs.

Not only that, but you gain free access to blocked websites. You can also even get VMs that weren’t even in the site.

I can probably help you out because I am a professional on VMs.

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I’d rather not use the site again, especially when you’ve confirmed my thoughts about it.

Already using VirtualBox and VMware for a long time, though to be honest, I use VirtualBox most of the time.

Yes, would be appreciated, thank you.

so if i join website even in incognito? about the ip address?

They would still see your IP, so incognito won’t work.

I have known abt this but why is colabvm so bad

also ppl just install virues on them to ruin to for other people and ruin things alltoghter

Sounds like alarming, I’m gonna take this into consideration

But I wonder, it seems like you are talking about it on a community that isn’t normally receiving users by that type of content or just randomly (although getting into this website on Google isn’t actually hard), which is interesting. How did you got to came across this website? Have you got through this website before for a Messenger, Escargot, old Skype or Tech topic?

Also welcome to MG!

Well, I came it across YouTube in a virus showcase channel, and there was the link to the site.

It’s not possible to use a VPN to get across the site having safety, they will just detect it and ban it.

Hold on, give me the link to the video

beat collabvm with collabvm, aka use collabvm for protests

It’s a myth that incognito makes you fully hidden. All Incognito does is allow you to browse sites without the site appearing in your browser history. It’s a VPN’s job to hide/fake an IP.

Incognito is exactly like a normal browser window, privacy wise, except it will stop a site appearing in your browser history. Data can still be in your temporary files, Your IP can still be logged, and your past or current traffic is still accessible. While logins won’t be saved, data input into an account will still be saved to the account.

(sorry if you already know)


In my mind, I always use Incognito mode when I wanna know a random question that makes me wondering
Nowadays I’m used to do it

I alreday know this :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s why explain why I could not download bonzi buddy on someone vm but still this site sucks

ur right tbh