So, Leo Historias is back ('¬_¬)

Leo Historias is contacting me on Messenger since some days ago asking me things like WLM 2009 status, and when he will be able to post again.

I told him that is on active development, and now his Messenger status says "Happy that wlm 2009 Is leaked. i hope They release soonn :slight_smile: " (in any moment i told him something about a WLM 2009 leaking?)

Today he contacted me and told me “Hi! You allow Kids to use Msn/wlm?” then i reply him “Hi, i’m not the owner of Messenger, but kids can use it with total freedom. Anyone can” then he says me " :slight_smile: Wow! Im being Unbanned oR Unsuspended By TReKiE" (so he thinks that was banned cause being a child?) (i also noticed that improved kinda on English) then i reply him “No. You’re not gonna being unbanned by him Never and ever. At least to your account”.

Also i told him that the only way he can post again on this talking place is creating another account and he says that he will create a new one maybe tomorrow, STAY ALERT.

Here’s an screenshot:

he wasn’t that much of a problem, not as bad as DL, but more on the level of BabyMCSheep (as both were a bit of a nuisance)

…I mean, really? TReKiE said he’d unban DL if he reviewed the TOS with him (of course, that went about as well as me and King), surely he can do the same with Leo?

>devs programming publicly on a separate branch on gitlab


inst this ban evading ?

Of course it is.I also told him that doing that would be ban evading

If you think about it, all he did was nag about WLM 2009 not being worked on and act like an overall nuisance, and regardless, @TReKiE told me that he’s willing to let people back on if they review the TOS and confirm to comply to them again. I mean, it’s the most rational thing to do for someone like Leo, and I’m not saying it’d be a pleasure to have him back on, but he still has the privilege to compromise with the administrator as long as he didn’t violate anything severe.

P.S.: He told me he’d do that with @Leo_Historias. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, let’s see what happens (’-’)

You know people are just like “I accept the ToS” :stuck_out_tongue:

oh shit

I don’t give two fucks if Leo is back. If he is, good for him, if he gets unmuted even better. I just hope he doesn’t bother us much.

title seems pooped,is it a complete poop?

Sick, we’re going back to making fun of 10 year olds, are we now? :unamused:
Just because he’s a bit of a nuisance doesn’t mean we have to be pricks about it.

A wild Leo_Historias Appears with a subject: I W A N T T O U S E W L M 2 0 0 9 N O W ! ! ! !

I made an useful website where you see the wlm 2009 status. Is it avilable or not.
For leo historias.



okay, maybe his changed

who knows

Hey, @Leo_Historias have something to say

I don’t think Leo is active on the MessengerGeek forums