Skypers Official Server - To Be Honest

As you may know, this client is made by us. There was 3 versions planned to be released. Alpha, Beta and final releases. But it doenst got as plan. Sorry if i say that, but everyone had right. We cant really coding or anything, so basically this project is dead. Sorry if the link was dead, i forgot to fix for the new link. Please dont hate me guys. This project is from now most likely dead.

it was always dead

catspeak certified moment

jokes aside, next time you want to do something like this you should like actually learn programming.

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Writing a backend in PHP is not a good idea.

i knew it was you patrik i knew! it!!!

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Not very surprising considering the client didn’t do anything and was basically made out of JPEG’s


Like this guys many other projects.

at least my shit was real I made my own messenger!