Share your Windows XP Desktops!

here i will start with mine:

I have both a VM and a laptop that runs XP natively. Why not share both then?

Storage.bmp (2.9 MB)

pure gabe

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where did you get that steam version? also the background looks weird lol

also_world has a half-private version of this client
there is a steam 2007 emulated client

password is btw

git-hub dosent use password afaik

How to install it?

It’s been another year since I forgot about this website. Anyways, this was taken on a pristine Dell Latitude E5500, with an Intel Core Duo 2, 3 gigs of ram, and 500 gigabytes HDD, which I just got, this is why it’s so empty.

i used to have a windows xp VM but it got fucked thanks vbox

Yeah, VirtualBox doesn’t tend to play well with Windows XP. VMware, on the other hand, does play well, but the problem is the sound!

sounds in my WinXP VMware machine works fine.

Please tell us how you made the sound work in your WinXP VMware VM. I am currently at VMware Workstation version 17.5.0.

you need to set hardware compatibility to vmware 14.x

also btw it has been passed some days since the screenshot i made. sooo here a new one!!

if yall wondering where i got those programms. i got them here:

List of updates and software for Old Windows versions

Oh nice
Are you from r/WindowsXP or you just got to find it there?

yes im from r/WindowsXP

It doesn’t work, it still has distorted sounds, even after setting hardware compatibility to 14.x…

here is mine:

and all the programs are working! :smile:

even spotify? spotify support for winXP ended like 1 or 2 years ago.

and MSN explorer works??? i thought u had to download the new version from