Share your wii number!

Hi! im using wii now, and, i want to make friends in wii!
To start, my Wii Number is (is having in the image :wink: )

Well see’u later!

Im recording an wii test (to use wii no ma(wii room) and forecast channel)

WiiConnect24, aswell as the rest of the Wii online services have sadly faded away. It might not be possible (I know RiiConnect24 exists, but i’m not sure if it will work there)

i have wiilink (riiconnect24) patched in my sd

Yes but there’s a higher chance of someone not having a patched Wii, should have put that out there.

2024-03-22 13-12-17.mkv (13.7 MB)
can’u see here
it works forecast channel and Wii no Ma(Wii Room).
my version its 4.3U

I understand that you have a RC24 patched wii, but i think you should have originally specified that in the original post, as RiiConnect24 isn’t mentioned in the post at all.

wait im recording an video ok?

2024-03-22 13-19-15.mkv (15.8 MB)

but you have an wii with the patch of rc24(or WiiLink)?

Food Channel works!

@TReKiE you have also emulator of wii? (vWii or Dolphin Emulator)
if no, download the zip/7z
after this, click in tools and click in install WAD
and put this wad
this wad its the wii menu.
well, you will click in email icon, and click in this button:
you will see this:
click in address book, and you will see this:
click in register
after this, click in Wii
and put my number in it!

this is the most bigger tutorial of this page(with the pixels of the image)

my wii croaked sorry

i lost my wii i have a wii u tho

Pretty sure a Wii U wouldn’t work

why i dont have wii

This I’ve actually always wondered about, can you hack the wii inside a wii u somehow? I can’t seem to get a straight answer…

U have to use. Homebrew and then it might give u an option to homebrew the vWii as well