Share your VM App (Example: Virtualbox) with Virtual Machine running

like this:

Did you just copy the same topic from me.


I changed

Sure, This VM 98SE Plus! Runs really good! really smooth

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Oh that is good i have a 98

i only have a Raspbian X86 VM, i sent screenshot in my Continuation of the Pi Emulation thread i made

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Well am now 17 but my mom works on oracle.

No joke no scam it’s real

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proof or soos


Oh but if you wanna installl it you have to go through a tough proccess


No that’s my language i said the proof

Well they are working on a project no joke no scam !!!

And not to tell about it


no way

Yes way it is true

Now we all now your age you’re still underage you are 17.

underage (specifically for aocial media like distrash facecock instacrap etc) is people below 13

Yes you are good at explaining

Here you go, i guess. (I am brazilian, using RPG maker XP in spanish because of a friend)