Share your Tablet-PC!

Share your tablet pc (if you have one) here :stuck_out_tongue:

There is my tablet-pc (Model : Dell Venue 11 Pro) with windows 10,4 gb of ram,atom 1,59 GHz, SSD 64 GB :

Now share your if you have one !

The mine…It has died… WHY!? WHY!?:pensive::frowning::sob::sob::sob:

Oh noooo ! What was the model ?

It had the Windows 8 RT, well Windows 8 works great on tablets PC and Windows 8.1 runs great on normal PCs and Tablet PCs as well

Mine have Windows 10 and it was on Windows 8.1 before

it died unfortenatly but surface pro 3

How did it died ?

Sincerely, I prefear normal PCs than tablet PCs, but tablet PCs aren’t bad

I don’t know how did died the mine xD

Oof xD

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water damage

Oh,yeah its the most popular damage

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I have two HP Stream 7s. One has a damaged LCD. I used to use mine a lot to blog, but now I just find it really difficult to use Windows 8.1 on such a tiny screen, because all of the buttons and stuff are made for a mouse or a much bigger touch screen. They both have about 1GB of RAM, but they’re quite fast. YouTube used to slow them down a bit though.

My main laptop is one of those convertible things that you can switch into a tablet, but I’m not sure if that counts.

i only have a dell latitude 7370 and it is touch screen

Well look how thicc it is i’m going to get a Surface Pro 6, probably the Maxxed Out version (it is definetly not cheap, but it will run great, that im sure)

does an acer aspire r3 series (r3-131t, blue color) count, it turns into a tablet

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That’s a really good question, where does Tablet PC end and 2-and-1s begin? or are they same thing?
Before the marketing teams came up with a new term and before the iPad existed, it was more about the pen than anything else. The XP and Vista Tablet PCs usually did not even have touchscreens and where they did, they weren’t the modern glass capacitive type used today. But at least most of the modern “Tablet PCs” have some sort of decent pen.

Although I don’t think anyone needs to be constrained to that definition to post on this thread :slight_smile:

sorry for weird answer but…what kind of phone?


The Science Elf and LGR made videos about Sony VAIO UMPC and OQO Model 2