Share your Tablet-PC!

also frick it i bumped this

Umm, do you own these?


i was just replying to this

Yeah if you had one of those you were the higher one

I have a tablet pc but the touchscreen dosent work anymore.I have to use mouse but i tried to install boot skin xp and it dosent bootup anymore.It works though

just install windows in it

How? i have a otg and its 1 port only and the touchscreen dosent work anymore,the usb hub i have dosent work.:confused:

image my tablet pc

i have a surface go but its in repair so its gonna take i long time buuuut i do have i poto :shopping

this is the model that i have

replace the screen + buy a new hub

not my first tablet pc in 2012 i had an acer aspare v5

I dont have money and a job

Seriously then how do you get the Pc you have. If you don’t have money and job?

that was what i was gonna say lol

My dad bought it for me as a gift :v