Share your stories how did you found Escargot


Heres my story how i found escargot.One day i was searching random things and a thing so i was searching for msn (not messenger,because i did not know what msn/wlm messenger is) so i watch a video about „msn messenger - a retrospective”
And them in the end talks about escargot and i was thinking why not i search for „escargot msn” and i see „Escargot MSN server” i clicked on the link and i see oooo escargot and i downloaded wlm registered and from then im usimg msn/wlm.
So i thank Michael MJD .Without his video i could never used msn/wlm. :slight_smile:


In my case I saw a video of the user Victor Montoya explaining how to revive MSN and I got interested.


Before Escargot, I was aware of the MessengerGeek blog and Messenger Reviver for quite some time. How I found out those two were through an old Windows Messenger help site I can across that @TReKiE put up that I don’t exactly remember how I ended up on, but this segwayed to and ultimately, the MessengerGeek blog, where I also learned about and was interested in Messenger Reviver.

Initially, I found no useful use of MSN/WLM, since I didn’t feel like I needed it that much. I gave Reviver 2 a test spin once, but that was about it.

How I found out about Escargot was from one of @TReKiE’s blog posts on the MessengerGeek blog (I don’t remember if it was the last anniversary one or the formal Reviver 2 discontinuation write-up), and that’s when I actually cared enough to browse through the forums and see what others were up to. Frankly, I don’t regret taking a few minutes at that time to check the blog that got me interested in an old piece of software, and eventually, a community dedicated to supporting the big 4: MSN, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, and classic ICQ, which still exists in some functioning form, as now I get to be a part of this cool community and even become a developer for the currently advertised server platform. :smile:

Anyways, that should be it for my Escargot story. :stuck_out_tongue:


Used Messenger Reviver and then found Escargot


Well I was really sad about not being able to use msn ever so i came to the messenger revival page reading how it got discontinued and then i saw that escargot was a replacement for the now defunct msn messenger servers. And that is how i found escargot.


well let’s see one day i look the icon of MSN 4.7 in my computer and
interested me, but this this is happenden in 2017 and i did no know MSN not work, so i see a tutorial on youtube teaching how install the MSN so today i have the WLM.


One day I was interested in WLM for some strange reason, and from reading the entire Wikipedia entry for it, I found a website called On the homepage of that site, I saw something advertised called Messenger Reviver. I downloaded Messenger Reviver and used it for a while. I didn’t even use WLM to talk to real people back then, I just chatted to myself.

Then Messenger Reviver stopped working so I moved over to Escargot. I got bored of talking to myself so I decided to advertise my email address on the forum. Back then I was a lurker, today I am still a lurker to some extent. Eventually I got the balls to actually post something, and that’s where I am today.


I did found escargot via the Jonathan Kay website ( since messenger reviver wasn’t connecting ) so I installed 7.5 ( even if it was buggy back when ) and start using it


i had a windows 7 laptop R.I.P. and i saw WLM on it and wanted to use it but i saw it was shut down so i looked up how to revive it and i found escargot. i was excited to use it but it said wlm15 wasn’t supported. i also had my windows xp computer that had windows messenger that had windows messenger 2009 (even though it has SP3) but i couldn’t figure out how to patch it so i used 5.0




I finded it in the forum of MessengerGeek, having used Messenger Reviver previously


same story


the way i found it was that i was watching this video

and i wanted to try messenger reviver but at that point it was shut down

i was looking about for MSN revivals and found Escargot


I knew about Messenger Reviver and chose to read the forums as I had nothing to do which was when I found out about this forum.


I just looked up “msn server” because i wanted to use msn messenger


On the 19th (or 20, I do not remember) May 2017 I decided to go to @TReKiE’s blog to download Messenger Reviver 2 and I saw that post discontinuing the program. Reading a little more, I saw the new “Escargot MSN Server”. I created an account, I registered in MessengerGeek and I am here until today.


i joined back in june


In March, I googled Messenger Reviver (which I used before) to see the forums, and then I saw Escargot and I was like “Wow, I didn’t know that before”, and that’s how I found and turned to Escargot until today


i saw that video too. thats why i wanted to use messenger


This happened on 20 August 2017 (tomorrow will be my anniversary on this forum!!) I was searching on Google how to revive Messenger, then i found a article about Messenger Reviver 2 was dead of the MessengerGeek blog of @TReKiE, i opened it and i found a text of TReKiE in that post saying about Escargot, i opened the link, followed the steps and for curiosity i registered on MessengerGeek, that’s the history