Share your old Tech


I have a lot of things, but here are 2 of them.

And what if I want to play Genesis or listen to radio when Iā€™m not at home ? No problem.


a original sega genesis with all 4 sonic games , i need that


I found it at a local store a month ago for only 39,99$. Sonic 1 (the cartridge only) for 9,99$, 2 (without the instruction booklet) for 19,99$, 3 (with the instruction booklet) for 54,99$ and Sonic & Knuckles (with the instruction booklet) for 48,72$.


i have a Mega Drive 3 , but i have no games for it ;-;


I have a Nintendo 64 too. I play these 2 consoles on a 19" CRT TV. The graphics are way better on a CRT.


Sweet dreams



i took mine with me on my vacation. still has a decent battery


yes, i have a few things, i have 2 more things that i cant show thanks to been 03:07 am rn (GMT+2)


Picture_011%5B1%5D me and my sister used to fight over this gem


I have a slot-mounted Pentium !!! in my display case.


a dead user comes back of his death :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh a portable television! I have the same but mine is blue


Is yours black and white too ?


Old tech & Cat [RIP Cat :crying_cat_face:]
Just seeing my cat again makes me cry :cry:


that cat died ? oh my god thats extremely sad


RIP cat :sob:


i feel bad for you :worried:


[RIP Cat :crying_cat_face:]
Just seeing my cat again makes me cry :cry:

Ripporeno. It might be missoreno


my mate mourns for the loss of your mate