Share your favorite musics

scatmans world paa poo pee pa-papapa pa-pa-pa

Haha Rick roll go brr Henry Stickmin Distraction Dance 10 Hours - YouTube yep

Doing Your Mum
Wii Fit Advanced Step
OneRepublic Connection
all my favorites.

omg same
anyways i like primairly eletronic and chiptune.

Decided to revive this topic…

but anyway, here is my favorite song

If you are wondering why am I a TV’s Kyle fan, it’s because I like all of his songs, including “After The Fish”, The song is “Dizzy Spells” by TV’s Kyle

tbh i like skrillex’s kill everybody


Almost ANY NCS Song is good, heres one of my favs

and also uh eh uh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bing

every minecraft beta 1.7.3 music

My OldSchool Winamp radio with many 90s-00s hits/memes from old PC IDE HDD drive
Play me:> HDD40FM

(alternative lite ver HDD40FM Lite)

Caution attention!! many specific slavic rofl’s and memes :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:

k so I’m like a HUGE aurora stan so like any song from her is a favorite of mine (yes my ass has a playlist on Spotify for her)

Why the heck not?

  • WHAT THE CAT?! - Camellia
  • Knife Fight - Lemon Demon
  • It’s Raining Men - TV’s Kyle
  • Party (Do It Right Now) - TV’s Kyle
  • Cabinet Man - Lemon Demon
  • Touch-Tone Telephone - Lemon Demon
  • Geeks in Love - Lemon Demon
  • Eek! - Surasshu
  • BIG SHOT - Toby Fox
  • I Like Borko - TV’s Kyle
  • I Only Feel It When It Hurts (Longer Than Album Version) - TV’s Kyle
  • Brodyquest - Lemon Demon

i think you like lemon demon

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I sure do!
In fact, I created a Damn Skippy (one of Lemon Demon’s albums) inspired 3DS theme.

I have a lot of favs but here is a list :stuck_out_tongue: also bump lol

(Annoying file limit)