Share your favorite musics

Well, mine favorites ones is here (Click here if you want the URL shrotener, in other words, i get a bit of moneh (pt-BR, but just click “Clique aqui para continuar”, do the captha, and wait 9 secs and clikc the second “Obter link”)

Linkin Park, Gorillaz, some rap and hip-hop, eletronic, gospel, and lots of styles. I don’t have favorites musics.

why would i give you money to listen to other peoples music


lapfox trax qumu 331erock fanfare vagabontu vandoorea etc

tbh i dont think that as a 10 year old you should be that concerned about money :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’ll just give money to whoever owns the greedy adfly-clone, not Pedrox.
(DreamIsland isn’t reactivated yet and I’m in school at the moment of writing this)

I will too, but as i dont have any views, i have 0$ ;-;

Also there is referral sys, heres my link


Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror)

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I like this music.

Me too, but no one can beat and

Big Black - Songs About Fucking

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the first one i agree, its a beast

wait u do watch Endermanch?

Of course

no it’s bruh moment

no it’s ghastch

but i forgot about

Windows xp installation music
nights of night
evan blue this time it’s different
lunar abyss
new friendly
shiny tech I
uragirimono no requiem
the music here
aquatic ambience
ghost house

dont judge me plz

I have the thought that i already listened this song