Share your favorite musics

I listened all their principal albuns in this quarantine, except LPU ones. I’ll try to listen them

Oh really, cool!


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I opened my eyes, now i love one more light lol, and a thousand suns is great

Minutes to Midnight and Living Things too

I like all their albums, I own Hybrid Theory and Minutes to Midnight on CD

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Epic, I will try to own will be expansive i think

Back to topic i recommend these:

And i recommend The Rising Tied - Fort Minor

Some Frenchcore, a gerne the younger generation doesn’t even know anymore but was one of the most popular when MSN was on it’s peak as well!

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The persona 3 soundtrack.

My lovely girlfriend, @appledoo, got me into Lemon Demon a month-ish ago. Now I’m hooked.

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I like various types of music. I don’t have a specific favorite song, most I listen to are good.

been big on different genres but currently here’s one of my fave tracks:

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Nicki Minaj and Lana Del Rey and Eminem purrr

Great track for late night :slight_smile:

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Here’s mine

my favs :