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any category of devices is accepted here, even pcs or laptops

me first

from left to right: Nokia 6680, Nokia 5530, Nokia 3100, Nokia 7360, iPhone 4s, iPod Nano 7th gen, iPhone SE

Socket 775, Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, 2 GB, no gpu :frowning:

Socket 478, Intel Celeron 1.70 GHz, 512 MB, GeForce FX 5600

iBook G4, 512 MB RAM

and of course

Ryzen 5 2600, 16 GB RAM, ~2 TB HDD, 512 GB NVMe

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My broken phone collection lol
Only the biggest one works normally…

I wish I could fix these phones.

Asus FX705DT (Cool Laptop. But i need 1 tb HDD :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

Asus X44H (Water damaged… but he fixed and he have not working touchpad)

Redmi Note 10S
Lenovo A6000
Sony Ericsson Arc S (Very Bad Condition)
LG P970 (Not working Sim Slot)
HTC Desire 600 (Display damage)
Nokia 2730

just lost nokia 6680 (actually gave it to my friend), but there are some addictions

  • HTC Desire C (has dead nand, bought a replacement board for 2 bucks)
  • Nokia N8 (has sim slot damaged, it simply doesn’t read sim cards; but i still love it af)
  • Nokia C3-01 (at least friend said that he 'll give me this phone)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (tablet from my childhood)

775 babe got ram upgrade 2 gb > 3 gb (so much more haha)

some 775 LGA pc from 2007

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let me guess, u have only ddr2 on yo motherboard?

yes and i have only 1.5 gb on it

and you installed windows 7? genius

complete with epic cobalt gameplay too

it was preinstalled

on the hard drive when i got it last time

I am a proud owner of a unbranded hebrew bic phone! aka the ot-s210

All of the devices I have

  • Apple iPhone 5C (White, planning on jailbreaking it + also getting the blue version)
  • Apple iPad 1 (I’m planning on jailbreaking it)
  • HP 14-dk1022wm (my main PC, and runs Windows 10)
  • Dell Inspiron 11 3140 (has a bad battery, the CMOS battery is dead, and makes some loud beeping upon power)
    Toshiba Satellite L505-S5964 (originally had Windows Vista, planning on installing Windows XP on it.)
  • Apple iPod touch 2 (planning on jailbreaking it.)
  • Nintendo DSi (needs charger, but it works fine.)
  • iPod Shuffle 4 (couldn’t find the syncing cable, but I’m planning on getting it someday)
  • Samsung Galaxy Centura (works fine, but couldn’t sign in with a Google account)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (my main phone sometimes.)
  • Motorola RAZR v3 (doesn’t have a SIM card)

got an psp 3000 recently as a gift (thx to my comrad from nogliki :stuck_out_tongue:)

the case is quite shitty, it was painted by comrad itself, but poorly xd

so i just ordered an emerald case

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sadly ive got only E1008 version

psp street boooooooi

i actually had e1008 in my childhood, but it was stolen in school and no one fucking confessed about

PSP Street is just psp-300x but why

psp street is psp 3000 without wifi and with cheap case


I FINALLY REPLACED da screen & case

so i finally got a nokia c3-01 and SUDDENTLY old casio organiser

ignore that red psp that’s not mine xd