Share your desktops!

Cool thx for the info!

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No problem!

I think you were one of the ppl that was on the Geckium server? I remember that somebody from here was, but not sure if it was you

Oh yeah I’ve saw you on other servers, but not on the geckium one, since I didn’t joined that server. I’m in the V3, eXPerience, Windhawk and the Project 2000 servers if you’re wondering (my name is The Windows Geek on there), tho I rarely text on there, just lurk to download stuff lol

Edit: Makes sense why you asked me, stg these leakers always wants to make drama, I hope the guys on there can recover soon from the situation

wait ur in the V3 discord server too??

Late reply, but yup I’m in it lmao

Some inaccuracies in ExplorerFrame.dll.mun which the bitmaps were from Windows 7 and 8 Beta.

I decided not to leave any program shortcuts on the desktop anymore, but to put them all in the start menu)

how did you get the Prisim launcher to look like that?

Are you talking about the icon? I changed them all using TileIconifier

Yeah that

Basically, a Windows 2000 daily driver (running with KernelEx, of course).

Once again, switching to the good old classic theme, and made a revamp to my desk. Changed the brandings & stuff to the ME ones since I got burnt out of 2000.


Finally got aero to work!! Had to install an old-ass gpu I found randomly in my dad’s office from when his computer was blowing shit up

I can finally play victoria II on my “”“work”“” pc and enjoy cover flow on itunes!

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The theme has been updated with its original font that was included in the Counter Strike theme.


That is sick ass! Must ask tho, why safari?

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