Share your desktops!

The MLP cosplayers of Seabeersky and friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, this is Thin PC based on Embedded Standard 7! :partying_face:

4,000 posts?!?! We reached that milestone!


lol I haven’t noticed it at first
Congrats for the one that had the idea

we can all thank @veselcraft

Actually took the plunge and installed W2K on real hardware with KernelEx. Not quite period accurate, but close enough. Was a bit of a pain to set up through USB, and having to find/install all of the missing drivers, but it now works flawlessly.


Not sure if screenshots of browsers count…

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hey guys

Oh, You also have an quest now?

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Already had one

like it!

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2010 in a modern pc?

You should disable the search bar because this doesn’t fit Windows 7 style and The Action Center btw

yeah i do that since yesterday, i just forget is a old screenshot lol

new pc! :smiley: