Share your desktops!

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@Gamerappa will be pleased to see the desktop wallpaper

Decided to remake my Windows 10 to 7 transformation

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frutiger aero + rainbow pony besto desktop

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Windows 10 to 8.x

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Edit: changed the look to 8.0

An old acer laptop, originally had XP, but years of misuse and viruses pretty much forced me to reinstall the OS, went with Windows 7 minios.

UPDATE: Fixed the File Explorer

And another bonus:Beautyfox (yet again):

Done some more fixes to the File Explorer

Frutiger MLP?

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what was wrong with it

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Changed the wallpaper to go for a more metalheart’ish look and feel into it (even the Winamp skin)

Also now the file explorer has the bottom right category watermarks into it (music, images, videos)

If Windows XP was heavy /j

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Lmfao it do be facts tho

Managed to get ReactOS on a VM without crashing!


Good job :wink: now try AnyDesk like u said nico,

Here is mine!

How you got old firefox workin?

It’s Echelon, a Firefox 115 ESR theme. You can choose both the Strata and the Australis style, also is compatible with aero glass if you’re using DWMBlurGlass