Share your desktops!

My new WFW 3.11 VM with SB 16 and SVGA Drivers

(Also know as 1994 VM)

Looking good as always, keep it up!

Fresh install of Windows 10 downgraded from Windows 11

Ryzen 5 3600
RX 580 8GB
B450 MB

i love the firefox theme :smiley: I’m also wondering how did u get that youtube theme but ur VM looks great!

Looks like V3 but somehow different

It’s not a VM, it’s on my main PC.

Also I used Rehike

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oh, I thought it was V3 Public Beta Test version, because of the version not being the Rehike 2015 I remember

I got bored of the classic theme, so I switched back to the XP looks, modified the Zune msstyles to have a reddish look into it (ripped some assets from a Zune Multicolor theme), as well as making a separate Retrobar theme with a red start button to fit the theme.

Upgraded from Windows Media Player 9 to 10 to fit the late 2000’s era

The theme has some innaccuracies since I’m using Windows 10-7’s XP msstyles instead of the eXPerience ones (like the popup boxes borders and font colors), since for some weird reason the eXPerience ones makes some programs stop responding like Vegas Pro, plus the fake throbber looks really off with the latter.

You need to boot into WinRE and open Command Prompt, then replace the file.

@KnetaMight I asked this question before, but how did you bring Getting Started to Windows 10.

shit, no screenshot new from me in more than a year?

uh here’s my current desktop lmfao

windows 10 with dwmblurglass and startisback++

if i looked at it from a couple meters away i could have thought that is really window 7

i looked, so realistic.

well i added some changes but cant figure out how to get a aero looking taskber this is how close i got :3

My Win 7 + activated using the original product key i have

ok dude. you would use the oem key. To find out, download this tool: ProduKey - Recover lost product key (CD-Key) of Windows/MS-Office/SQL Server

no im fine

It’s easy to distinguish. Just by looking at the picture from my phone without tapping on it to see the full size, I knew it’s Windows 10 by 2 factors:
1- The Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar.
2- The incorrect alignment of items on the right side of the Start menu + the crappy Settings item. Windows 7 only has the sweet Control Panel, no crappy Settings.

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._. u ruined the joke0

looks very cool actaully