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Oh, nice :slight_smile:

I Decide to make a Mac OS Tiger VM instead of the vista one.

(For those wondering. im using the intel x86 version in vbox)


@veselcraft Congrats!

I present you to:

-Most viewed post I ever seen!

When I’ve used 11 RTM (I think 21H2 as it was said) was actually pretty buggy, and it was slower on a bunch of AMD machines. 23H2 is better, BUT the startup errors was so common during all these years, so I decided to get back on Windows 10

I have Tiny11 (Windows 11 X64 mod by NTDEV) on my old ASUS laptop. I used it for completing the Featherpad version using VS 2013 Ultimate

So uhhhhhhh. Mac OS X Tiger decide to not start after installation lol.

Windows 10 LTSC 2021 to Windows 7 (without WindowBlinds!) (100% accurate)

Now with cracked StartIsBack++…


Your grammar is bad blud.

How did you bring back Getting Started to Windows 10?

How did you fixed the tilebar icon and text spacing?? And also the Control Panel sidebar background?? Please tell me :pleading_face:

The MG discord server looks silent. I joined just now.


this post is 6 years old

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lil update

my laptop:

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This post goes crazy (many posts) since @veselcraft posted in 2018.

Is that Mac OS X Mavericks? How did you hack the latest Firefox to run on it?

yep, that’s 10.9.5

And no, i didn’t “hack” firefox to run on this version. i use the last supported version, which is 78. it’s legacy already and some sites dropped support of it, so i switched to chromium legacy (despite that i used only firefox for 7 years straight), u can dl it here GitHub - icks99/chromium-legacy: Latest Chromium (≒Chrome Canary) for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10

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Update on my desktop, managed to install Windows Media Player 9 and decided to go back to the good old Windows Standard color scheme (with the Sans Serif fonts like Win ME), also did a wallpaper change cus why not (wanted to match the WMP skin and the y2k vibe in general)

I got Windows Media Player 7 to work but the audios weren’t working at all, plus it was a 50/50 that some videos would play at all, tried my best researching for a solution but nothing so far. Still better than nothing!

Edit: Happy Birthday Windows 2000! Heavily underrated OS imo, simple yet effective and charming

2nd Update: My head finally clicked-in and finally did the winver thingy, all I had to do was to add the banner and the bar as bitmaps in Resource Hacker and that was it.


Update: Added the regional Windows 7 themes!

If you want them, here (you need Aero10 Seven by Vaporvance)
Windows 7 Reigonal (19.0 MB)

EXTRA: Firefox’s Australis theme on 115ESR using Echelon! + 2013 theme for Rehike!