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Wait how did you got Aero just like normal Widnwos 7?

I think it’s DWMBlurGlass with the aero10 theme applied (the one from DeviantArt) and StartIsBack++ for the taskbar, might be another method tho

You hit the nail in the head! That and also a bunch of other tweaks with both Winaero Tweaker and Windhawk to get it as perfect as I can

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Same here with my setup, majority of mods I’m using in Windhawk is for bringing the old 9x/XP stuff back like the classic treeview, 32px icons, the old size pie chart and more goodies (ofc I can’t forget about Winaero Tweaker as well). Awesome desktop btw, makes me want to do a 7 setup someday!

I just love that it is possible to do this on 21H2 / 22H2 without WindowBlinds now, thanks to DWMBlurGlass

Definitively! Used to use WindowBlinds before for my 7/XP themed desktops before, later to switch to the classic theme, and I’m happy so far that there’s another alternative besides WindowBlinds, it’s a good program, but there’s some flaws, like not theming certain controls (win32) and being buggy with certain themes for browsers (for example, the Echelon theme for Firefox ESR). Hoping the best future for this program, since it’s really a game changer for people who wants to have Aero on recent versions of Windows

it’s your desktop let’s a return your look…

it’s your desktop let’s a return your look…

Reinstalled Windows 10 on my thinkpad :sob:

why? Windows 11 got BSoD and you reinstalled? or logonui overwritten

nah this is a 2012 midrange thinkpad and windows 11 wont run without system requirement bypass

oooh, ok. Rufus is bypassing. I have Tiny11 on my old laptop, bypassed the TPM 2.0.

my win11 Cloud pc (ill send the main desktop one later)

The background is creepiest TPOT episode (TPOT 9)

Most creepy scene is Gaty scene

Two eat Gaty. Two’a whispering is horrible.

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Is that Opera 12.18 you have installed over there? :thinking:

i animate tpot the EXIT scene is the one I did

opera 10 :slight_smile:

yeah i am aware, it’s just that idk if il get updates
windows 11 is good, just doesnt run for me

read below if ur not sensitive to internet opinion

windows 11 rtm was basically the latest insider build that they released to get it on time, and no one liked it, and microsoft screwed up the first impression, even with 22h2, microsoft wont get more marketshare since they screwed up the first impression (similar to what happened with windows vista)
if microsoft screws up the first impression with windows 12 and they dont get more marketshare, windows and microsoft with die, mark my words


quite true tho even since i upgraded my laptop i rolled back as it was slow like VERY SLOW